The Culture Connection is our diversity and inclusion educational institute. We take an innovative approach to connecting leaders and organizations with sustainable solutions for equity and inclusion. We have partnered with organizations across sectors and discplines to develop and execute strategies that foster inclusion and lead to breakthrough results. Our core offerings are grounded in cultural competence.


We take an innovative approach to supporting leaders and organizations with developing sustainable solutions for equity and inclusion

Cultural Competence Assessments

We use the Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI) to gauge leadership’s readiness and establish a baseline for organizational cultural competence.

Learning and Education

We offer a variety of educational sessions, both in-person and virtual that cover a range of diversity, inclusion, and cultural competence topics. We use our groundbreaking gamification model to increase engagement and foster learning

DEI Strategy Development

We connect executives, leaders and diversity councils with DEI strategies that focus on fostering inclusion and developing cultural competence



We believe inclusive workspaces are fostered through leaders with cultural competence. The workforce today may be more diverse than any other time in history, but inclusion is only achieved when the culture is open to change, willing to adapt to difference, and commits to becoming more cross-culturally competent. For organizations to establish long-lasting DEI solutions, they must begin by expanding their self-awareness.


  • Creating a Culture of Inlcusion
  • Understanding Unconscous Bias 
  • Conflict Style & Team Dynamics 
  • Inclusive Recruiting & Hiring 
  • Metric Driven DEI Goal Setting 
  • Understanding Idenitty



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