We work with leading institutions and associations to fuse games with education through our ground-breaking model for Learning through Gamification. Our programs are uniquely designed to enhance intercultural competencies and promote inclusion and equity across every dimension of diversity. Our curriculum supports both in-person and distance learning formats. 

We Promote Cross-Cultural Education

Like many groups of heritage, black culture and history have been gravely unrepresented in the education sector. Countless studies have connected the lack of representation to feelings of low self-esteem, depression and alienation from American culture in the black community. Through our ground-breaking model for Learning through Gamification, we’re partnering with educational institutions to increase awareness about cultural heritage and promote the equity and inclusion of every dimension of diversity.

We Advocate for Healthy Communities 

Have you noticed that even when people meet in person, many remain just as engrossed in their devices as if they are alone? We’re more connected technologically than in any other era in history, but it’s come with a price. Studies show that social media serves as a distraction from focusing on the interactions that nurture relationships. Excessive use can even contribute to feelings of isolation and depression. While issues of mental health are world-wide, people of culture are impacted by disproportionate measures. Social Emotional Learning Expert, Roshaun Bowens, said " are a simple yet powerful way to strengthen the mind, because they provide cognitive and social engagement. Trap Wars has added value, because it connects players to their community." Our programs are a catalyst for connection and create safe spaces to discuss self-care and mental wellness. 

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