We've helped education and professional institutions such as Robert Morris University and Harper College offer programming that is innovative, inclusive, results-oriented and fun for all ages. Our programs offer tangible solutions to challenges in the ever-evolving education sector. 

Our ground-breaking approach of Learning through Gamification (the application of game playing elements) includes four key stages:

  1. Explore “What do I already know about this topic?”
  2. Emerge “How can I take my knowledge to a deeper level?”
  3. Evaluate “What did this session reveal to me?”
  4. Execute “How can I apply what I learned to my life?”

Maximizing engagement and inclusion is our foundation. Studies show that verbal communication skills are weakening in this technology-driven era. Our “learn-by-play” model serves as a solution, promoting face-to-face interaction and oral communication. Our programs also address the lack of diversity in educational and professional settings. Diversity in thought is proven to enrich the learning experience for all participants, and increase organizational profitability.

For more information about  enhancing your programming with our innovative Learning through Gamification model use the box below to contact us or email us at info@famfoolery.com