TRAP SNATCH®  Black History 365 Edition
TRAP SNATCH®  Black History 365 Edition
TRAP SNATCH®  Black History 365 Edition

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TRAP SNATCH® Black History 365 Edition

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The newest edition of Trap Snatch is the only game that makes you laugh as much as you learn. You’ll walk away from each round feeling empowered as we correct misinformation and share the infinite accomplishments of Black people in global history. The best part is that even if you're not a history nerd (yet) you can still win! Well, that’s if you don't use trap words. In that case, your card just might get SNATCHED! What other game makes it this much fun and easy to learn Black history?


Get your team to guess the historical reference to Black excellence on your card the quickest without using any "Trap" words...or your card might get SNATCHED! The best part of this edition is it includes flash cards to help you increase your knowledge before, during or after you play. 


  • 60+ Playing Cards
  • Instructions
  • 3 Wild Card Types: TRAP! Cards, "The Comeback" Cards and "The Lick" Cards
  • BONUS! 60+ Fact Flash Cards breaking down all events, people and accomplishments referenced in the game 


  • Requires 4+ Players 
  • Family Friendly Content 
  • Travel Size (easy to take on the go)
  • Same Day Shipping!