How to Pick the Right Game for You


Decisions, decisions! Picking the right edition of Trap Snatch doesn’t have to be hard. Here’s a quick guide to help you choose the perfect version for your event!


Recommended Game

Holidays or Family Cookouts

Trap Snatch Value Pack - Perfect for large groups with different personality types. This pack has more cards to keep the fun going and content everyone will appreciate—from the kids to Grandma!

Ladies' Night or Bachelorette Parties

Trap Snatch Original Edition - Keep it light-hearted and fun. This edition is perfect for those nights when you just want to laugh and enjoy with your girls.

Group Date Night

Trap Snatch Original Edition - Avoid petty moments and keep the love flowing. This edition is ideal for date nights, ensuring everyone has a blast.

Game Night with Trivia Lovers

Trap Snatch Black History 365 Edition - Trivia gurus will love this edition! It offers a perfect balance of challenging content for trivia experts and fun wild cards that make it enjoyable and possible for those still learning about our history to get a win.

Events with Schools or Professional Groups

Trap Snatch Black History 365 Edition - The ultimate game for learning while having fun! Perfect for school events or professional groups.


What’s the Difference Between Trap Snatch Original and Black History 365 Edition?

Trap Snatch Original is a rebranded version of our premiere game, Trap Wars, first released in 2019. It celebrates Black culture—everything from our hair and food to slang and history. This edition guarantees a good time with updated content and fan-favorite cards, such as “Bonnet”, “Black Don’t Crack” and “Divine Nine”. We must warn you that Trap Snatch rounds can get petty, even among the best of friends, so be ready for some real competition!



Trap Snatch Black History 365 edition was added to our collection in 2022, with flashcards for every person and invention in the game. Feel empowered and proud to share a heritage with legends like Sojourner Truth, Shirley Chisholm, Madame CJ Walker, and Claudette Colvin. If these names don't ring a bell yet, you need our game! 


Trap Snatch was originally released under the name Trap Wars. We changed the name because people didn’t read the instructions and were missing out on the most fun part of the game - the “snatch”. Plus, fan feedback suggested the original name was misleading. 



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